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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Floatify Smart Notifications For Android

Zeeshan Juni Provide You Floatify Smart Notifications For Android

Floatify: Smart Notifications - universal and really handy pop-up notifications for your smartphone. All important messages will be showed in one window. You can also make a black list of applications during the work of which you will not get notifications.

App features:

  • Pop-up windows
  • Various animations
  • Low power consumption
  • Support of fast answers

When you receive a notification Floatify will show you a popup window with full message text and app or contact icon. You can interact with the popup and open or cancel the notification, setup a reminder or open the app info. Even if the phone is locked you can preview the notification! Floatify will also wake your phone if you like. The notify on unlock feature will automatically show you all pending notifications as soon as you unlock your phone. Simple, fast and efficient! Use the smart blacklist to prevent notification popups when gaming or browsing. As soon as you leave the app Floatify will show the missed notification. Floatify actions can be added to your homescreen or directly started from other app

Admin (Zeeshan Juni)

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