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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Cubic boxing 3D Game For Android

Zeeshan Juni Provide You Cubic boxing 3D Game For Android

Cubic boxing 3D - take your boxer on the ring and try to knock out your opponent with your strong hits. Keep the hero standing till the end of the round. Take part in exciting fights on the rings of this Android game. Demonstrate your reflexes and speed of your fingers, tap the button in the right moment to prevent the hero from falling, block opponent attacks and deliver powerful hits. Try to hit opponent's head to make him fall down. Get rewards for winning the fights, buy sports uniform and other objects.

Game features:

  • Block graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • One button system of controls
  • Various suits

This is fully physics based 3D funny boxing game. All you have to is click one button and try to punch your opponent's head!

You can punch your opponents with your strong arms at the same time, you need stay on ground for defend on your head!

In this funny game the main purpose is hit your enemies head and defend your head from punches.

- Customize your players. You can unlock many forms with your earned golds or via watching videos.

Admin (Zeeshan Juni)

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