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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Talk It Free Download For Pc

Zeeshan Juni Provide You Talk It

Talk It!, also called TalkAny, was a popular text-to-speech (TTS) software by SoftVoice, Inc. and was originally included in the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Plus! under the name of “Microsoft Plus! for Kids”. It was used to teach children pronunciation of words and for simple text-to-speech uses, including narration and accessibility.
Talk It! came in two languages, Spanish and English. It was one of the first programs to properly pronounce two different languages.

Talk It! is a text-to-speech program to teach children how to pronounce words.
It comes bundled with Microsoft Plus! for Kids, a package launched by Microsoft in 1997. This program was developed by SoftVoice and Microsoft, and was never sold as an individual program.
This program lets the kids enter any text using the keyboard, and then listen to it. The program will use the speech synthesizer of the computer to pronounce the words typed. The program comes with twenty "personalities" -different voices. But you can change the pitch (from 1 to 999), speed (1 to 500), pitch quality (Natural, Monotone, Sung) and vocal effort (Normal, Breathing, Whispering), creating thousands of different voices that children will enjoy testing.
The program can speak in English or Spanish. The pronunciation, in both cases, is highly acceptable, and it is very different between languages.

The purpose of this program is to teach children the correct pronunciation of the words, while they have fun trying every available personality.
This Software is Such Amazing and Funny 
Working on All Windows
Thank U So Much
Admin (Zeeshan Juni)

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