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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Car stunts driver 3D for android

Car stunts driver 3D - drive an awesome sports car and take it along a dangerous track full of unexpected turns and obstacles. Be ready for extreme challenges waiting for you in this engrossing Android game. Take your car to the track finish passing all checkpoints. Speed up your car, jump over trampolines and hills, go across narrow bridges, hit fences. Don't forget about brakes and don't fall into abyss and crash your car. Unlock new cars with unique parameters.

Game features:
  • Many fast cars
  • Interesting tracks
  • Realistic physics
  • Breathtaking stunts

Are you skilled enough to master your car in the most unconventional of ways?! Let's see if you can survive the most modern stunt & demolition arena! 

A game for fans of Extreme Car Stunts 3D, with innovative car models and breath-taking 3D graphics that will also please racing simulation enthusiasts. Do a corkscrew stunt, and catch free coins all while you avoid the Demolition Robots! Accept the challenge to be the ULTIMATE stunt driver! 

Enjoy different luxury car models with customization and upgrades! This modern stunt environment includes awesome car smashing machines and mechanized techno based obstacles. Perform high jumps on colossal ramps; accelerate through fiery hoops; jimmy through deadly propellers. Be beware of notorious fire spitting and laser firing robots!

Car Stunt Race Driver 3D Features:

•Amazing and Challenging 3D Environment For Endless Stunts And Racing
•Modern Car Crushing Machines
•Beautiful Modern Cars To Drive
•Fire Spitting, Laser Firing Robots Determined To Crush Your Cars to Pieces
•3 Different Game Modes For Utmost Enjoyment
•Responsive and Intuitive Driving Experience
•Smooth Controls
•Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
•Guaranteed Fun Through Carefully Designed Levels
•Cool visual and sound effects

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