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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Car parking valet for android

Car parking valet - park motor cars of various models at a big car parking. Avoid hitting your car against an obstacles on the way to the parking place. Drive numerous cars in this Android game. You will experience interesting missions the idea of which is car parking at a given place. The parking places will be marked with green color. Drive your car carefully, pass by parked cars, signs and barriers. Complete needed maneuvers and try not to damage your car while doing this. The tasks will gradually get harder.

Game features:

  • Many interesting missions
  • Handy system of controls
  • Realistic physics
  • Various cars

Play one of the most realistic valet parking game on the Play Store. Park various cars in right places each level.

How To Play:

• Drive safely and don't bump with any object
• Park all given cars to green places and complete missions.


• High quality environment
• Lots of varied missions
• Amazing 3D graphics & parking environment
• Realistic car physics
• Easy control with simple user interface 

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