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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic Express allows us to develop applications for Windows and compile them
visually as executable files.
Like previous versions of Visual Basic, the programming interface is completely visual, with
items such as buttons, progress bars and labels that you are able to drag to the form, edit
their properties and then adjust the programming, which with a few exceptions is largely
the same as previous editions.
Microsoft Visual Basic takes advantage of the latest technologies such as Windows themes,
Multithreading, connectivity to SQL, Microsoft .NET Framework Forms and data. It includes
a system containing the 400 most frequently used pieces of code syntax highlighting and
suggesting changes to it, designed to save time and work for programmers.
Applications, screen savers or DLL libraries can be compiled with the complete and configurable
publishing system included, and uploaded directly to an FTP server or burnt to a local address.


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